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Chennai Express

Chennai Express is a 2013 Indian romantic action-comedy film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Guari Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. The film was released a day earlier in the overseas markets on 8 August 2013 and in India on 9 August 2013. Extensive paid previews were held in India on 8 August 2013 as well. Upon release, the film received mixed reviews from critics. Despite this, the film broke several records in India and abroad and became the fastest film to collect INR1 billion. 


Rahul Mithaiwala (Shahrukh Khan) is a forty-year old bachelor who lives in Mumbai.  His parents died in a car accident when he was eight years old and was brought up by grandparents. His grandfather has a sweet-selling chain store : Y.Y. Mithaiwala. Before his birth centenary celebration, two of Rahul’s friends suggest a vacation in Goa which he happily accepts. On the eve of the celebration, his grandfather dies while watching a cricket match. His grandmother tells him that his grandfather desired to have his ashes divided into two parts – to be immersed in the Ganges River and Rameswaram respectively. She asks Rahul to go to Rameswaram and immerse them. Rahul reluctantly accepts her request but was also eager to attend the Goa trip. He and his friends thus make plans to dump the ashes at Goa. But, they were forced to change the plan when Rahul’s grandmother wanted to personally see him off. This forces him to travel by train and he booked a single ticket on the Chennai Express. He planned to meet his friends at the Kalyan Junction station from where they would travel to Goa by car. Rahul forgets to take his grandfather’s ashes on reaching the station and when as comes back to get it, the train started run.  While trying to step out of the train after get the ashes, he notices a girl (apparently South Indian) running to catch the train. He helps her board the moving train. He then sees four people running behind to catch the train, helps them all to get in and then misses the platform to get off.

He tries to flirt with the girl assuming she does not know his language. Surprisingly, she starts communicating by singing parodies of Hindi Flim songs so that the others don’t understand. Rahul, on her demand, lends his mobile phone so that she can contact her friends, but the men with her throw it away from the moving train. He gets annoyed by this, but  keeps quiet seeing that they carry weapons and guns along. He informs the ticket examiner about them but they push the man into a lake below the railway bridge. Extremely panicked, Rahul learns that those men were actually kidnapping her and that her real name was Meenalochni Azhagusundaram (Deepika Padukone) a.k.a. Meenamma. She was trying to run  from a forced marriage to Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer). Her father Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram (Sathyaraj), is a powerful headman of the Komban Kaum  in Tamil Nadu. He wants her to marry Tangaballi so that he would gain control of the neighboring village. 

Meena takes Rahul to her father and lies by introduces him as her lover. Tangaballi challenges Rahul for a duel which he accepts accidentally.  On the night of the fight, Rahul escapes with the help of a local Sikh policeman but in the turn of events, ends up in Komban Kaum again. Surrounded by sickle-wielding henchmen of Azhagusundaram, Rahul then pretends to take Meena as hostage and escapes again in her father’s favorite car. When the jeep breaks down, they argue and go separate ways. But, Rahul comes back to Meena  who takes him to the Vidhamba village where a wedding was taking place. Meena lies to the people that they are a married couple who have eloped and needed protection and rest.

The villagers start to like the couple and take care of them as long as they stay while Meena suddenly realises that she has fallen in love with Rahul. When Rahul has plans of leaving secretly, Meena does not want to earn the distrust of the affectionate villagers. As he tries to leave, he is caught by Tangaballi but the villagers help them escape again. Meena who persuades him to immerse his grandpa’s ashes travels with Rahul to Rameswaram. There they complete the rites and on their way back, Rahul, realising that he has also fallen for Meena, does not tell her where they’re going. He takes Meena back to her father again and tries to make him understand and honor his daughter’s wish. He also confesses for the first time that he loves her. Rahul tells Tangaballi and his goons that he has come ready for the fight this time. In the fight that follows, Rahul though severely injured emerges the winner. Meena’s father and Tangaballi finally turn over a new leaf and accept that the heart of a common man like Rahul is much bigger than their physical ability and political clout. Azhagusundaram, lets Rahul to marry his daughter, the twist that changed his life forever. 


  • Deepika Padukone –  Meenalochni Azhagusundaram
  • Srk- Rahul Mithaiwala
  • Sathyaraj – Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram
  • Nithin Deer – Tangabali
  • Kamini Kaushal – Rahul’s Grandma
  • Lekh Tandon – Y. Y Mithaiwala (Rahul’s Grandpa)
  • Mukesh Tiwari – Samsher
  • Priyamani- in an item song “1 2 3  4 Get on the dance floor”.

It is quite a funny movie, but make sure to include the subtitles as the Tamil parts are very hard to understand without them!

Khushi (I have decided to use my real name instead of Bookluver girl!)


Comments on: "Chennai Express" (5)

  1. I love 1234 get on the dance floor! I always find myself dancing to it!!

  2. I lov this movie !

    • Mango025 said:

      Me too! And you know where it goes;
      Chennaiiii Chennai Express….
      I just love the short song thingy. What’s your fav song in the movie?

  3. Aaradhya_12 said:

    I also ❤ the theme song it's one of the best 🙂

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