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Hey all you fans!!

I’m watching Mohabbatein for the very first time!! My mom said it was sad, but now I realized she thinks that every movie is sad. 🙂 Mohabbatein is a 2000 Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Aditya Chopra. The film went on to do well both critically and commercially. It became the second highest grossing film of the year and was thus declared a super hit! Here’s the link to the movie:

It has very good quality!


Narayan Shankar is the strictest headmaster of Gurukal, a prestigious all-boys university. Narayan wants the best out of his students, and places emphasis on tradition, honor and discipline. He has run the university for 25 years, over that time has forbid the students from any kind of romance — anyone he catches falling in love will be expelled. The film focuses on three of the school’s students: Sameer, Vicky and Karan who all fall in love. Sameer is in love with Sanjana, his childhood friend. Vicky falls for Ishika, a student at the all-girls university next door to Gurukul. Karan becomes smitten with Kiran, a girl he sees one night at a train station. All three know that if they’re caught they’d be expelled, so they at first do not pursue their love interests.

Raj Aryan joins Gurukal as a music teacher. He challenges the status quo and slowly introduces changes that Narayan disapproves of. Raj is a strong believer of love, and when he learns the stories of the three boys, he encourages them to follow their hearts. The boys take his advice, but are disappointed: Sameer discovers that Sanjana has a boyfriend; Vicky only makes Ishika dislike him when trying to woo her; Karan learns that Kiran is married to a pilot who is assumed dead. Raj tells the boys to not be disheartened, and tells them that his love, Megha is dead, but he continues to love her and imagines that she is still by his side. Raj encourages the boys to continue to stay loyal to their loves.

One day Raj throws a party in Gurukul, inviting the students from the girls’ school from next door as part of his plan to spread love in Gurukul. Narayan is furious and threatens to fire him. Raj then reveals he was a student at Gurukul years ago, and he fell in love with Megha, who was Narayan’s only daughter. Narayan had Raj expelled without ever seeing his face, and afterward Megha committed suicide. Raj returned to Gurukul as a teacher in the hopes of changing Narayan’s ways and honoring his love for Megha. Raj promises that before he leaves Gurukul, he will fill it with so much love that even Narayan will not be able to remove it. Narayan accepts this challenge, and allows Raj to continue as a teacher for a while longer.

Sameer, Vicky, and Karan one by one win over the girls they love. Narayan retaliates by tightening the rules of Gurukul, but the boys continue to break the rules, which encourages other students to do the same. Narayan finally decides to expel the three, and Raj speaks up on their behalf, telling Narayan that he is the instigator and the boys should not be punished for it. Raj also says that he feels Narayan lost the battle, because his daughter left him and now Raj (who considered Narayan an elder) is leaving him. Raj’s words make Narayan realise his mistake. He publicly apologises to the students and steps down as the principal, allowing Raj to take over. Raj turns Gurukul into a love-filled university. In the end Raj, Narayan and a vision of Megha walk happily together towards the gates of Gurukul.


Amitabh Bachchan – Narayan Shankar

Shah Rukh Khan – Raj Aryan Malhorta

Aishwarya Rai – Mehga Shankar

Uday Chopra – Vikram “Vicky” Oberoi/Kapoor

Jimmy Shergill – Karan Chodury

Jugal Hansraj – Sameer Sharma

Shamita Shetty – Ishika Dhanrajgir

Kim Sharma – Sajana

Preeti Jhangiani – Kiran

Amrish Puri – Maj. Gen. Khanna, Kiran’s father-in-law

Shefali Shah –  Nandini, Kiran’s sister-in-law

Parzan Dastur – Ayush, Nadini’s son

Saurabh Shukla – Sajana’s father

Anupam Kher – Kake

Archana Puran Singh – Preeto

Helen – Mrs. Monica

Sindhu Tolani – Ishika’s father


# Song Singer(s) Length
1 “Humko Humise Chura Lo” Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan 07:52
2 “Chalte Chalte” Shweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar, Udhbav, Manohar Shetty & Ishaan 07:38
3 “Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai” Shweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar, Udhbav, Manohar Shetty & Ishaan 07:01
4 “Aankhein Khuli” Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Shweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar, Udhbav,
Manohar Shetty, Shahrukh Khan & Ishaan
5 “Soni Soni” Udit Narayan, Jaspinder Narula, Shweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar, Udhbav,
Manohar Shetty & Ishaan
6 “Chalte Chalte 2” Shweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar, Udhbav, Manohar Shetty 02:49
7 “Zinda Rehti Hain Unki Mohabbatein” Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan 02:03
8 “Mohabbatein Love Themes” Instrumental 02:20
9 “Rhythms of Mohabbatein” Instrumental 03:56


This movie is AWESOME!! In some parts you might, I repeat MIGHT cry but the rest is very awesome!! I might have to add this to my top ten favorite list… Actually I’m going to make it Top Fifteen!!!!



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    I ❤ this movie

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