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Om Shanti Om (O.S.O)

Om Shanti Om is my second favorite movie. It was my favorite movie until I started get nightmares about the fire scene. 🙂 




Om Shanti Om is a 2007 romantic/drama  film directed and choreographed by Farah Khan. More than forty-two well known Bollywood actors appear in the course of the film, including thirty of them (not including the stars of the film) in one song alone. The filmas released in 2,000 prints worldwide making it the largest Indian cinematic release at the time.Om Shanti Om was released on 9 November 2007 to mostly positive reviews from critics and record-breaking box office collections. It grossed INR149 crore (US$23 million) worldwide and therefore became the highest-grossing Hindi film of all time at the time of its release.


Om Prakesh Makhija (Shah Rukh Khan) is a junior artist in the 1970’s Bollywood film industry. Om’s mother, Bela Makhija, herself a junior artist, encourages and inspires him to succeed. He is in love with a film actress Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). One evening, Om views the premiere of  Dreamy Girl, posing as Manoj Kumar. Later that night, Om becomes drunk and describes his vision of himself as a famous, wealthy film star to his best friend Pappu and some local kids. While at the shooting of a film wherein Om is acting as a scene-extra, he notices Shanti trapped in the middle of a fire scene where the fire has escaped control. He saves her and they become friends. One day, he accidentally overhears the conversation between Shanti and Mukesh Mehra, a film producer. Om is brutally shocked to learn that Mukesh and Shanti have married in secret and that Shanti is pregnant with his child. Mukesh promises to do something for Shanti.One night, Om notices Mukesh escorting Shanti to the set of their soon-to-be-made film Om Shanti Om. Inside, Mukesh tells Shanti that he will cancel the film, reveal their marriage to the public, and have a grand wedding on the spectacular set. Shanti is pleased, while Om returns, happy for her. However, it is revealed that Mukesh has no intentions of fulfilling his promise. He traps Shanti on the set and sets it on fire Om sees the studio burning and attempts to rescue Shanti, but Mukesh’s guards attack him, and he is badly injured. Om pursues despite this, and enters the burning building. He sees Shanti and runs towards her, but an explosion hurls him outside the building. Om is hit by a car owned by Rajesh Kapoor, a well-known actor who is taking his wife Lovely to the hospital as she is in labour. Rajesh takes Om too, but Om succumbs to his injuries in the hospital itself and dies. Moments later, a son is born to Lovely and Rajesh, who is named Om, and implied to be Om Prakash’s reincarnation. The film then cuts to Om Kapoor’s adulthood. Nicknamed O.K., he is a popular movie star and lives the extravagant, luxurious life that Om Prakash dreamt of. He experiences pyrophobia and it is shown that he subconsciously inherits Om Prakash’s memories, as well as his appearance. When making a speech of acceptance for an award, O.K. unexpectedly recalls the drunken speech that Om Prakash had made to Pappu, and delivers the same to the assembly who have awarded him.Pappu listens to O.K.’s speech on T.V and is convinced that his friend has returned. At a celebration of his award, O.K. is introduced by his father to Mukesh Mehra, who has been producing films in Hollywood for the last twenty five years. Upon seeing him, O.K. recalls everything. He later reunites with Bela and Pappu and conspires to avenge Shanti’s death by making Mukesh confess his crime. O.K. convinces Mukesh to restart shooting of Om Shanti Om.Pappu and O.K. start a hunt for a girl who can act as Shanti. The plan is to convince Mukesh that Shanti is haunting the set and scare him, so that he will confess. O.K. finds Sandhya, a.k.a. Sandy, a complete lookalike of  Shanti. Sandy is accordingly trained and the plan is finally put into action. Throughout the film’s shooting, O.K. and his friends arrange incidents to remind Mukesh of his crime, mostly by giving him startling glimpses of Sandy.However, Mukesh decides to go back to Hollywood. Realizing that Mukesh might try to make a run for it, O.K. tells him that the music launch is going to take place that night. Mukesh reluctantly stays, while O.K. has to make it look real to Mukesh. However, O.K.’s plan hits a snag when Mukesh examines the film reels and notices that something is wrong. During the music launch of the film, O.K. taunts Mukesh by revealing, through a song, the extent to which he knows the story of Shanti’s death. Mukesh sees Sandy again, but this time he pursues her.Sandy bleeds after being scratched, thus confirming Mukesh’s suspicions that she is not Shanti’s ghost. Just as Mukesh is about to walk out, the chandelier nearly collapses on him. After some time, it is revealed that the chandelier didn’t fall down fully. O.K. and Mukesh confront each other with their knowledge of each other’s actions. An emboldened Mukesh tells O.K. that the charade is over. Mukesh also tells him that to prove that Shanti was murdered, her dead body has to be recovered.Here, Pappu who is listening to the conversation from the studio, tries to run to the set, but gets stuck in the studio itself. Meanwhile, O.K. sees Sandy making an entrance on the stage and confronting Mukesh. O.K. tries to stop her, but she ignores him, revealing that Mukesh came back after the fire extinguished naturally that night. She also tells him that she was still alive when he found her and buried her in the studio right under where the chandelier is facing now. Mukesh realizes that only Shanti could have known this and attacks her in panic.O.K. enters into a scuffle with him, resulting in a fire on the studio. O.K. overcomes his pyrophobia and shoots Mukesh in his leg. Just as he is about to kill Mukesh, Sandy stops him. She tells him that Mukesh will pay, but not through his hands. She looks at the chandelier, dangling precariously. The chandelier falls on Mukesh, killing him instantly. After looking at Sandy with confusion, the studio door opens forcefully. O.K. looks back to see Pappu and Sandy.Then he realizes this is not Sandy but actually Shanti’s spirit. O.K. stares at her spirit and sees tears of love in her eyes. O.K. reciprocates her love for him. Seeing that he had realised who she is, Shanti returns to her place of resting. Sandy apologizes to O.K. because she thought everything has gone in vain, but O.K. comforts her and says its okay. The film ends with arrival of the cast & crew of the film at a studio.


ShahRukh Khan – Om Prakesh Makhija / Om Kapoor

Arjun Rampal – Mukesh Mehra “Mike” / Mikey

Deepika Padukone – Shanti Priya / Sandhya “Sandy”

Shreyas Talpade – Pappu Master

Kirron Kher – Bela Makhija

Javed Sheikh – Rajesh Kapoor

Asawari Joshi – Lovely Kapoor

Yuvika Chaudary – Dolly

Bindu Desai – Kamini

Satish Shah – Film Director

Shawar Ali – Shawar Ali Khan


1. Ajab Si

2. Dard-e-Disco

3. Deewangi

4. Main Agar Kahoon

5. Jag Soona Soona Lage

6. Dhoom Taana

7. Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om

8. Dard-e-Disco Remix

9. Deewangi Deewangi (Rainbow Mix)

10. Om Shanti Om (Medley Mix)

11. Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om (Dark Mix)

12. Om Shanti Om (Instrumental)

I will write the singer’s name later as there is a big list! If anyone would like to help me in doing so, comment below! 🙂

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    Khushi 🙂

  2. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Om Shanti Om was my fav movie at that time.

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