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Happy New Year’s Success

The long waited movie Happy New Year, was released on Friday October 24th of this year!

Happy New Year has collected  ₹ 44.97 crores in India on the opening day, has opened to a fantastic response in Bangalore too. The Bollywood movie had a record number of shows in the city on the release day and it is the best-ever opening for the King Khan’s flick in the recent years.

The post release promotion of Happy New Year has well turned into the celebration of the film’s success at the box office. After wowing Kolkata on Wednesday, Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan and Sonu Sood arrived in Kanpur on Thursday. ApunKaChoice has learned that fans began pouring in hours before the Happy New Year team was due to arrive at Rave Moti Mall in Kanpur. And when Shah Rukh Khan made an entry the mall was packed to its rafters. People even stood on the staircases.

“No better way to start bringing in my b’day than with the people who have made this birth so much more worthwhile. UP,” tweeted Shah Rukh Khan who celebrates his birthday on November 2.

Have you watched this wonderful? If you did tell me your opinion! But don’t give the plot away! I’m going to watch the movie in theatres tomorrow! 😀

Bye loves!


India Waale (Happy New Year) Song (Official)

With Lyrics:

Dance Steps:

Audio Song:

If you want this song as your callertune (or ring tone) sms ‘IW’ to 54646

Deepika is looking wonderful. I so want her dress.




Ugh, I’m so excited for the movie…

Photoshopped Or Real?

Hi Guys!

Today I randomly searched “Shahrukh pictures” and I saw this:

Looks familiar? Don’t remember where you saw him?

First I was like: OMG!! SHAHRUKH’S LOOKALIKE!! But then I was like: “But what if it’s been edited?”.

So I zoomed in and it really seemed like someone had taken another person’s picture and just taken Shahrukh’s gorgeous face and pasted it on that person’s face. To be honest, I actually could do that. I know how to do that. And I’m 10. I’m 99.9 percent sure that picture is not real. But, of course, it could be true!

After all, it’s a myth that every one has 6 lookalikes.

What do you all think? Tell me in the comments below!!

Happy New Year Trailer Official

Shahrukh’s upcoming movie, Happy New Year’s Trailer:

As you all can see, King Khan is looking as young as ever. 🙂

At 0:32 – where Shahrukh says “It was all about the diamonds” I thought it was a movie similar to Don but it looks more of a comedy movie….

And at 0:38, Deepika’s accent is HILARIOUS!!! “Easy lakta hain, Mohini ka dance?” But the way she said “eeegi” instead of “easy” was pretty funny..

Shahrukh and Deepika make a great pair! What do you guys think?

That WDC scene is really funny.. The director of this movie is…. THE ONE AND ONLY FARAH KHAN!!! 😀

This movie is will, no doubt, be a super hit! Who am I kidding: It’s gonna be a superduperduperDUPER hit!!! Watch out Box Office! Lol…

Ishq Shava

I am in LOVE with this song:

🙂 If you haven’t seen it, I have provided a video up there ^^^

If you want the lyrics watch this:

If you want to watch how they made it watch this:

It’s a very addicting song, and I’m sure you will like it just as much as I do! 😀

SRK’S Trailer To Be Available TODAY

Hi Everyone!

Today, Shahrukh’s movie “Happy New Year”‘s trailer will be available on WhatsApp.

The trailer is 3 minutes 16 seconds long and it is expected to bring out the huge canvas on which the film is made. This will be Shahrukh’s FIRST trailer release on WhatsApp. 

Plus, the grand trailer launch will have the entire star cast of the film including SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani. This movie will no doubt become a hit, no different then any of Shahrukh’s other movies! 🙂 


SRK On Sets Of Happy New Year

Here are some picture of King Khan on the sets of his movie Happy New Year. He looks so handsome!!