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Heylo Shah Rukh Khan Fans!

You’re probably thinking, “Why does she think we’re fans?”. Well because if you weren’t Shah Rukh Khan fans then you wouldn’t be here. At least, that’s what I think. 🙂 Here are some reasons why people say they DON’T like Shah Rukh Khan:

  1. He smokes
  2. He doesn’t have muscles
  3. He drinks alcohol
  4. He has wrinkles

Here’s what I tell them:

  1. Mostly EVERY actor smokes
  2. At least he doesn’t show off about himself like Salman Khan
  4. Well, every PERSON who is 40+ gets wrinkles.

This blog isn’t official but the love that we all have for him is official, no? I don’t even know why I’m making THIS page but I guess the main thing is that:

Enjoy looking on the pages and posts!!!

Khushi (Owner of

Comments on: "Welcome!" (36)

  1. fantagevillieowner said:

    It’s just sad how obsessed you are with a 40+ year old. Get a life, get a friend.

  2. fantagevilleowner said:

    Excuse me? I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s just saaaad, your obsession with that 50 year old dude.

    • *sad
      For your information, he is not 50 years old.
      Sure!! You don’t know what I’m talking about!!
      Look, idiot, if you don’t like my blog, then get out. Understood? Or do I have to report you so then you can finally get a life? I’ll blog about whatever I want while you can keep copying.

  3. fantagevilleowner said:

    Report me! Please report me! Then I’ll report you. Of course, you would know how old fatty mcugly is. aren’t you guys twins?

    • Mango025 said:

      Me and him twins? Thanks! Like, who doesn’t want to be his twin…
      And you clearly DO NOT know how reporting works. Like what are you going to report me for? Calling you a baby? XD

  4. fantagevilleowner said:

    Wow, these must be the most comments you ever got. Don’t get any often, is that right? Your blog Fantage Spit and Delicious Farticles aren’t that interesting. Starting a summer diet? Well hows that going for you? Stuffing your face with ice cream sandwiches. ‘Ooh I’m gonna loose 15 pounds!’ aww, really?

  5. Mango, haters are gonna hate. And anyway good job at getting come backs for that loser. Anyway just wondering… are u Indian? and do u know the language tamil? Anyway I dont know hindi so i havent watched any movies by SRK except one called Ra.One (it was dubbed so i could understand).

    • Mango025 said:

      I don’t know Tamil, sorry! But if you speak it, you should watch Chennai Express. It’s Tamil and hindi mixed. Kinda. Lol… I love Ra.One!! They should make Ra.Two.. XD

  6. Aaradhya_12 said:

    That fantagevillieowner is creepy but I won’t be afraid of her either. She’s just jealous. Have you seen HER blog ? The only comments she gets are hate comments because of her copying. Don’t listen/read her comments just put them in trash they are not worth giving any notice.
    And be happy 🙂 😀 :*

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